We customize our work according to your tastes, your schedules. Contracts, reports and standardizations are approved by you, because they are made to your needs.

Because each client is a new and different world, each one with a new history and with different objectives, that is why our clients are personally and personally treated, thus ensuring a satisfactory service for each one of them.


Communication set up by neighborhoods, cities, communities or even streets:

  • Extended-Hour Communication with tenants
  • Community messages
  • Email Alerts
  • News and notices by e-mail or text
  • Registration of all communication
  • Automatic notifications by email
  • Extended-Hour Owner Calls
  • Immediate answers regardless of the level of emergency


  • Evictions
  • Credit Reports
  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Community Homeowner Association Covenants
  • Landlord/Owner Rights
  • Tenant Rights
  • Customized Contracts


  • System Privileges and Administrator Roles
  • Calendar Organization
  • Reserving Facilities Such as Rooms, Auditoriums, etc.
  • Conduct Polling and Voting
  • Provide Current Status of Administrative Tasks
  • File Completion
    • Digital Files
    • Physical Files
    • Filing of Documenting Regulations, Minutes, Financial Statements, etc.
  • Document Printing
  • Directory
  • Complete History and Record of Property
  • Detailed Account Status of Each Resident
  • Property Inspections
  • Administrative Reports
  • Monitoring Management
  • Insurance Management
  • Monthly and Annual Budgets
  • Lease Contract
    • Online Applications for New Tenants
    • Tracking Requests


  • Management of Expenses and Payments
  • Bank Statements
  • Annual Budget
  • Payment Receipts and Account Statements
  • Financial Reports
  • Monthly Payment Notices
  • Notices of Payment Arrears
  • Current Account Status
  • Status of Accounts for Each House
  • Electronic Payment Receipts


  • Fast Service
  • Repair Task Notices
  • Comparison of Quotes for Work to be Completed
  • Multiple Quotes
  • Maintenance Records by Property
  • Price Quote Database


  • Aggressive Marketing
  • Your Property Marketed in Several Portals
  • Rental Market Study by Area
  • Rental Comparisons

We Deliver to You


  • Revenue Collection Report: Includes Arrear Payments, Extra Payments, Violations
  • Expense Report: Includes Repairs, Installations, General Maintenance


  • Property Rental Report: Behavior of Each Tenant on an Annual Basis
  • Annual Profit and Loss Statement
  • House by House Report:
    • Description Detail of the Property
    • Photos of the property
    • Income flow
    • Records of Lease Contracts
    • Repair and Maintenance Report
    • Property History
  • Repair Company report:
    • This database is at the company level, where we store all the prices of repairs, including service providers, quality, etc.
    • This allows us to offer the best services at the best prices, benefiting your property and your pocket.
  • Digital files including:
    • Invoices
    • Warranties
    • Photos of repairs and maintenance
    • Tenant contracts